Yummy! is one of the most exciting action-style games for iPhone. Gameplay is simple, but very haunting – your task is to save the yummy from everlasting attacks of swarms of hungry flies. The game is deeply socially integrated, so you can make presents for your friends in Facebook, feed your achievements to your Facebook wall, send e-mails with presents – all this in addition to online scores and awards.

Levels and gameplay features:

- 10 unique yummies, each level is inimitable
- 4 successive levels of complexity, which are discovered during game progress
- completing levels is rated with scores (for crushed flies), stars (for keeping the yummy untouched) and awards (for particular game style)
- 16 presents received after completing the game with good results
- campaign and freeplay modes

Social integration and features:

- online profile with leaders board, awards, chat room and friends
- Facebook (feed messages to your wall, presents to friend’s wall)
- you may simply e-mail presents if you are not registered in social network
To find out more about the game take a look at youtube video (search keyword “Yummy! iPhone game”)